PreKindergarten Fours

Fours website footerFour year olds are active scientists. They are energetic and imaginative. There is often a confused blurring of reality and fantasy. Displaying a great deal of confidence, they often overestimate their own physical abilities. The Four Year Old program, rich in language development, and scientific experimentation expands the Reggio Emilia approach through sustained exploration of light and shadow, art expression and long-term project work in small groups. The Dramatic Play center becomes a hub of activity, with more elaborate pretend play incorporating print in every aspect of play. Building incorporates more sophisticated concepts of math and science as the fours study cause and effect. More cooperative play and well articulated conflict resolution result in maturing social and emotional development.

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All Fours should work towards achieving independence in potty learning before September 1; this allows the Fours class much more freedom and flexibility with the curriculum and keeps our teachers focused on the children.