About Us

St. Michael’s Episcopal Day School began as the collective dream of a small group of St. Michael’s members. A volunteer task force worked tirelessly to turn the St. Michael’s Episcopal Day School into reality in 2010: the school offers classes for toddlers, 2,  3 and 4-year olds utilizing the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

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Preschool Twos
Preschool Threes
PreKindergarten Fours

Our Vision

St. Michael’s Episcopal Day School, as a mission of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, is called to provide a loving, Christ-centered learning environment.

We believe that each child is created in God’s own image with an innate capacity to learn, understand, create & serve.

Our Philosophy:

Our Episcopal Day School provides an environment that inspires children to grow in wisdom and in their relationship with nature and community — equipping them to succeed & contribute in a world of diversity and change.

We believe:
that children are rich in their capabilities and in their curiosity; strong in their desire to relate to other people and the world around them.

We will provide:
a safe, nurturing Episcopalian environment that encourages active exploration and free choice as well as teacher directed activities. We offer a stimulating curriculum that challenges intellectual, social, emotional, creative, spiritual and physical growth in all children from all walks of life.

We seek:
to increase each child’s capacity to reason and we actively encourage a spirit of inquiry in a creative learning environment.

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